OverDrive has partnered with AudioFile’s Audiobook Community and leading publishers once again to introduce young adults to the joys of audiobook listening with SYNC. The annual summer reading program, taking place this year from June 23 to August 8, connects teens with the audio version of one popular title and one corresponding classic title every week—for free.

This year, titles like Maggie Stiefvater’s Shiver, Gillian Chields Immortal, and Cory Doctrow’s Little Brother will be paired with works by Shakespeare, Emily Bronte, and Franz Kafka. You can see the full list of titles featured in the SYNC program here.

OverDrive will provide fulfillment service for all SYNC audiobook titles, with users downloading titles in OverDrive Media Console. And all titles will be delivered in the DRM-free MP3 format. This is just another example of the many special promotions that OverDrive can support with its existing distribution service for publishers and retailers. If you’re interested in a special promotion, just contact our pubinfo@overdrive.com.

Dan Stasiewski is public relations manager for OverDrive.

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