More than a dozen publishers, including Crabtree Publishing, Encyclopedia Brittanica, and Lonely Planet, have joined other suppliers like Disney, PBS, Blackstone Audio, and Liquid Comics in adding a subscription platform for simultaneous use (or Max Access) content to OverDrive’s publisher portal, Content Reserve. These ‘always available’ titles offer additional exposure for content and authors, as well as more discoverability and additional revenue. Books available for simultaneous use can be available in addition to the traditional one-copy/one-user titles you already offer.

In this use model, libraries purchase annual subscriptions of your material, choosing from either your full or partial catalog. They can select 25, 50, 75, or 100 titles to offer to patrons for concurrent use. However, titles still expire at the end of the library lending period.

Because these titles are always available to end users, exposure is increased as they often show up in search results, consequently leading to increased usage. Users now also have the ability to search only by titles that are available, and since Max Access Titles are always available, their discoverability increases drastically. This can also be a major boost to backlist titles.

Libraries welcome and support these subscription platforms. They have a definite incentive for libraries to not only offer Max Access titles, but to renew their subscriptions. In fact, about 85 percent of libraries renew their subscriptions from year to year, making the subscription platform a reliable source of income to publishers every year. With the growing number of channel partners, this opportunity for revenue has the potential to grow, as well.

Providing beneficial subscription services is part of OverDrive WIN, which will provide more discoverability for publisher partners. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to provide the reading community great value, with so many benefits in return.

To add Max Access titles, please email us.

Brianne Carlon is a public relations specialist at OverDrive.



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