Are you a device manufacturer looking for profitable–and forward-thinking–content services? Chris Rechtsteiner, Chief Marketing Officer for Page Foundry, Inc., describes how his company can help turn device owners into recurring customers with a white-label content platform.

May you live in interesting times.

The beginning of a curse or a heartfelt blessing?

Whichever way you see this particular phrase (the glass is half full, or half empty), there is no question that these are very interesting times, particularly as it relates to mobile technology and a connected global community.

In the past year alone we have seen thousands of ‘smartphones’ and hundreds of tablets announced and launched worldwide. One thing these devices all have in common is a deeply meaningful connection to their owners – and the ability to connect this same owner with people and content anywhere and everywhere, any time of day.

This transition, from a device to a provider of always on services, represents a significant shift for most mobile phone and tablet manufacturers. Where once mobile devices needed to be functional, now they need to be much more – for both the customer and the manufacturer.

Long gone are the days where mobile devices produced enough margin for manufacturers to grow their global footprint (unless, of course, you’re Apple). Today, in response to these declining hardware margins and rapidly increasing consumer demand for integrated content services, the manufacturers are facing a difficult challenge:

  1. Continue manufacturing devices and competing on a price and features basis or
  2. Change the game by introducing integrated content service offerings

On the surface this appears to be a simple decision. Why wouldn’t you add higher margin content services to your device offerings as a way to combat declining hardware margins and create a meaningful way to directly engage your customers?

In reality, compelling and profitable content services are far easier said than done.

It’s one thing to pre-load a series of third-party apps that enable customers to find, buy and read eBooks, movies, songs, etc. While this approach can be used to solve the content question, it also delivers all of the device manufacturer’s customers right to services that can (and will) instantly pull them away from the device family.

It’s entirely another to develop a complete signature experience – one that provides the consumer with the ability to shop at an on-device store, with one account, for the purchase of any type of digital content they desire. It is this signature experience vision that Page Foundry is helping companies like ASUS deliver with the ASUS@Vibe experience.

By working with OverDrive as a premiere eBook content partner, Page Foundry is able to quickly customize our C3 content platform to meet the specific needs of device manufacturers like ASUS to deliver these digital content signature experiences.

These experiences help the device manufacturers reinforce their brand, generate revenue and engage customer directly instead of handing them off to third-party content providers.

Whether it’s New York Times Best Sellers, Digital Bestsellers, targeted recommendations, or the latest title for an up and coming author, Page Foundry is making sure device manufacturer customers can find, buy and read the eBooks they want, any time they want them.

The depth and complexity of delivering on the signature experience promise is significant. This is why Page Foundry is proud to be working with OverDrive to provide our device manufacturing partners with best in class white label eBook experiences for their mobile phones and tablets. Device manufacturers who provide seamlessly integrated content services and experiences are those who will be poised to profit most aggressively via the new global content market.

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