When you login to Content Reserve, you probably notice a featured publisher, retailer, and library along the right-hand side. There are also four featured titles along the bottom, displaying each jacket, creator, publisher, and more.

OverDrive provides several promotional opportunities for our publisher and retail partners, one of which is being a featured supplier or retailer on our Content Reserve login page, and you can easily become one of our featured partners.

There are many benefits to this promotion, most simply the opportunity for increased visibility and discoverability for an entire month. It is an easy way to boost sales and generate interest in your content. Plus, your logo, once placed on the login page, clicks through to your publisher website or retailer marketplace, which promotes each entity separately. There is no downside to becoming a featured partner.

The Content Reserve login page is a key way merchandisers learn about you and your titles. While your brand may be well known in your geographic area, OverDrive is a global company, and promotion allows customers around the world to learn about you and purchase your content.

So how can you become a featured partner? First and foremost, be excited about eBooks. Keep your OverDrive inventory fresh and updated. Next make sure your publisher profile is completed and up-to-date. This is where merchandisers learn about you. Finally, Content Reserve is a high traffic, multichannel promotional website, so featured publishers must be multichannel partners.

For more information on becoming a featured partner, email us at pubinfo@overdrive.com.

Brianne Carlon is a public relations specialist at OverDrive.



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