Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls; allow me to indulge in a brief anecdote. While traveling in Berlin, I knew but one full phrase which I had planned to pull out at any stop. Not because I was genuinely curious, as I wouldn’t be able to understand the answer, but more so because my guttural dialect is really spot on. Short story even shorter, I shall now impart this phrase here, as it is all too fitting.

“Was machst Du in deiner Freizeit?”  (Or, what do you do in your spare time?)

“Wir werden auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse sein!”

That’s right folks; strap on your fanciest lederhosen, ‘cuz were going to Germany! From October 12th through the 16th, team OverDrive will be jet-setting to the city of bankers, setting up shop at the 63rd annual Frankfurt Book Fair. Wanna see our smiling faces? Let’s be realistic, who doesn’t? Not only will you get an update about what’s new with us, but you’ll get a chance to tell us all about the cool new things you’ve got in store. Booth O-947 in hall 8 is where you’ll find us, so if you get a chance to tear yourself away from the hefeweizen and schnitzel, pop on over and say Guten Tag!

Amy Kaufman is a publisher partner services specialist for OverDrive.



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