Publishers, maximize discovery and potential sell-through for yourself and your authors. How? With the OverDrive WIN Catalog.

With the newly announced WIN Catalog, public libraries will be showcasing entire eBook catalogs, providing eBook samples and presenting links to booksellers for library website visitors who discover a title and “Want It Now.”

The WIN Catalog will feature complete long tail collections of eBook and audiobook titles that comprise a publisher’s catalog, 90 percent or more of which libraries have not acquired for lending. It will also allow patrons who do not want to wait for popular titles to become available from the library the option to immediately shop for it from a list of booksellers that support their local library.

For more information, including features and benefits, download the OverDrive WIN Catalog info sheet to the right. It will help you prepare for the WIN Catalog’s launch in 2012.

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Brianne Carlon is a public relations specialist at OverDrive.




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