The month of October has rolled through like a cold-hearted tumbleweed, blowing all the leaves to the ground leaving the trees bone-chilled down to their barren birthday suits. Now, it’s November, and no matter how hard we fight it, the winter storms are lingering in the corner, and the first snow is bound to fall at a moment’s notice. Luckily, we have the 21 new publishers we’ve scooped up while the last autumn leaves were clinging to their branches. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come.

McFarland Publishing

So you say you have a thirst for knowledge, but your interests are so diverse, they span from mystery movies of the 1940s to US foreign policy and everything in between the broad spectrum of social sciences and liberal arts. It’s time to thank your lucky stars, because OverDrive has received a gift from the pop culture gods. That’s right, leading independent publisher McFarland will be furnishing the OverDrive catalog with a killer collection of non-fiction reads. Whether its “Garage Rock and Its Roots” or “Icelanders in the Viking Age” this collection is so appealing, you could max out your credit card in a manner of minutes.

David C. Cook

In 1875 David C Cook started his publishing business printing religious materials for Sunday schools, and 130 years later, the growing collection of content is making its debut in the OverDrive catalog. Whether you’re looking for some spiritual self-help, or you’re teaching your toddler Bible basics, the digital collection from David C Cook has just what you need to get one step closer to the big guy upstairs.

Music Sales Corp

Ladies and gentleman, get out your pitch pipes, because one of our newest publishers is sure to have you singing a new tune. Whether you’re determined to memorize all the lyrics to the complete Ramones discography or you’re looking to make use of that dusty glockenspiel lying uselessly in the basement, the Music Sale Group is creating perfect harmony by making their collection of eBooks available to OverDrive’s library and retail partners. From biographies and songbooks to sheet music and tutorials, the Music Sales Group has just what you need to start tickling the ivories like you’re Stevie Wonder.

Sellers Publishing

I’ve always said floral arrangements are an overlooked, underrated art. Actually, this is the first time I’m saying this, but I stand by my convictions. Clearly, the people at Sellers Publishing are of a similar mind, publishing My First Ladies, pulling together a colorful bouquet of stories from the White House’s Chief Floral Designed, Nancy Clark. But that’s not all; whether you’re looking for 50 Things To Do When You Turn 50 or you just in the mood for some Weeknight Desserts, Sellers Publishing takes the cake.

 The History Press

Anyone can pick up a history book and leaf through years of world history, social injustice, and presidential elections. But personally, I’m intrigued by the Hidden History of Cleveland, Maple Sugarin’ In Vermont, The Goffle Road Murders of Passaic County, and the Forgotten Cucharenos of the Lower Valley. Now, thanks to the robust collection from The History Press, you can stock up on eclectic tidbits from the Gauley River to the Stone Mountain. Civil War buffs, don’t feel neglected, because they’ve got something for you, too. So make sure to check out some tales from your hometown; not only will you find yourself a tourist in your own locale, but you’re sure to stump even the most devout city dwellers.

Wait, don’t stop now! We’ve still got 16 more veritable publishing all-stars.

University of New South Wales Press

Johns Hopkins University Press

Open Letter Books

EDCON Publishing Group

Forlaget Mari

Scientific Knowledge Services GMBH

Jon F. Merz

BPP Learning Media


Keith Raffel

Goldminds Publishing

Prime Books

Deb Baker

Scripts for Schools

Esphere Media

National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE)

 Amy Kaufman is a publisher partner services specialist for OverDrive.


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