OverDrive’s support system will be changing for our Retail Partners. As part of our continuing efforts to improve our services and systems, OverDrive is transitioning to a new support system due to be rolled out in phases starting early December. Under this new system, retailers will be able to submit support requests using an easy online form designed to gather all relevant information so we can resolve your request quickly and efficiently.

Retail Partners were contacted directly with more information about when their support will be transitioned fully to this new service. The email addresses will remain open during a brief transition period; however, you will want to begin using the new online form as soon as possible, as the old email addresses will only be available during the 30 day transition period.

A new Help Tab has been created in Content Reserve and all training materials and resources that were previously found on the Support Tab have moved here.  The Support Tab will now be used only to submit requests for support via a button that will link you to the Support Request web form once it is live. To create a support request, simply log in to Content Reserve, complete the web form, and click ‘Submit’.

In the next few days, OverDrive will make a training document available that provides instruction on how to use this new Support Request form.  This documentation will be sent to all of our retail partners but will also be saved on the Support Tab in Content Reserve.

Keep checking your Critical Alerts in Content Reserve for more information about these changes and for other news and information about OverDrive’s services.  If you have any questions, please contact your Retail Partner Services Account Specialist.

Laura Crowe is a the Manager of Strategic and Retail Partner Services


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