eBook Discovery and Sampling Skyrocketing at Public Libraries

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Due to the rapid expansion of device compatibility and consumer awareness, eBook discovery and online reader visits at libraries and schools worldwide experienced triple digit growth in 2011. Key statistics for library eBooks, audiobooks and digital media from OverDrive-powered ‘Virtual Branch’ websites in 2011 include: 1.6 billion book and title catalog pages viewed, up 130%… Read more »

Interactive eBooks: The wave of the future

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eBooks have pushed so many boundaries, stretching our imaginations further than we once thought possible. From carrying around 1,000 books in our pockets to instantly downloading and reading bestsellers—even on the beach—it seems that nearly anything is possible. Today, there is another trend emerging with eBooks: a social experience. The online world is built on… Read more »

New Publishing Partners—December 2011

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I believe “Happy New Years!” is really the only appropriate way to start off this blog. The holiday season is over, your wallets have been emptied, the gift-wrapping remains are well on their way to the nearest trash depository; I think it’s only fair we kick back with a bottle of bubbly, and toast to… Read more »