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Libraries boost circulation with digital magazines and newspapers

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Libraries who have added OverDrive digital periodicals for their users have seen dramatic increases in their circulation numbers. OverDrive currently offers more than 1,000 popular digital magazines and newspapers including exclusive content like USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. These three popular newspapers, available digitally for library lending exclusively through OverDrive,… Read more »

OverDrive response to Pilot Study on Remote e-Lending in UK

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The year-long pilot study on Remote e-Lending in the UK is complete, and the official statement on the main findings is out.  The good news is that the study confirmed the demand for eBook lending, and more significantly, that there was no negative impact on publishers’, authors’ and booksellers’ businesses.  OverDrive has drawn similar conclusions… Read more »

Why your whole library staff should have access to OverDrive Marketplace

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OverDrive Marketplace isn’t just for submitting purchases. For our library and school partners, it’s *the* destination for OverDrive resources. In Marketplace, you can browse the most extensive catalog of digital media available, create curated collections for your website, view statistics, assist users with troubleshooting, keep up with the latest news and sales on the News… Read more »