Support for CJKT and native language eBook metadata

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The digital media industry has recently been abuzz with talk of new markets crossing the chasm of the digital frontier and embracing eBooks. Some recent news stories have even highlighted the emerging markets in Africa and China, as well as new retail outlets like Taiwan’s TAAZE. Did you know OverDrive supports the UTF-8 character set allowing catalog… Read more »

Device Review: Pandigital Novel

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OverDrive supplies eBooks to dozens of major booksellers around the world. As our partnerships expand and more customers purchase digital books online, helping our retail partners determine which eBook readers work best with OverDrive-supplied content will be an important part of our shared strategy. Starting today, we’ll occasionally repost device review excerpts from our Digital Library Blog so that… Read more »

A statement on the Publishers Association’s position on eBook lending

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From Steve Potash, CEO of OverDrive: I am writing in response to the Publishers Association (UK) announcement this week of its position on library lending at the CILIP Public Library Authorities conference, as well as recent reports of publisher concerns about the role and options for public libraries to participate in eBook lending. I am… Read more »

The future of reading is calling: Cell phones as eBook readers

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“For the purpose of publishing, the cell phone is a more powerful medium than paper, e-readers, magazines and even the Internet.” – Liu Chengyong of China Publishing Group, from Publishing Perspectives It’s true: cell phones are arguably the most prominent portable device on the market. Unlike a dedicated eBook reader, a cell phone is considered… Read more »

Your server or mine? More options for content providers to reach libraries

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With the role of libraries shifting from book and media lending institutions to “access points” for content and information, OverDrive, as a digital distributor, similarly has been broadening its scope in licensing materials from publishers and content providers. We recently announced a relationship with Disney Publishing Worldwide to provide access for our library partners and their patrons to… Read more »

New Data for Publishers: OverDrive White Paper

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In June OverDrive released its first White Paper, designed to share information and new data with our publisher partners and entitled, “How eBook Catalogs at Public Libraries Drive Publishers’ Book Sales and Profits.” Documenting the growing significance of eBook catalogs at library websites, the White Paper also clarifies how OverDrive’s library platform and distribution model… Read more »

Beyond US shores: Global reach for EPUB

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With the International Digital Publishing Forum’s EPUB 2.1 work underway, many more non-US stakeholders are contributing their input to update the EPUB standard to accommodate non-Roman characters (e.g., Japanese, Korean, Hebrew). And on the sales and distribution side, consideration is being given to practices and requirements of international markets by groups like the BISG. Looking back,… Read more »

Goooooal: A custom World Cup promo from HarperCollins Publishers Ltd and Sony

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Publishers frequently ask us how they can gain mindshare and visibility through our channels. We have a host of marketing options already available to publishers including eNewsletter features, pre-sale, and download standing order plans. We know that publishers, however, have their own initiatives and campaigns in their digital strategies. In the run up to the World… Read more »

Welcome to OverDrive’s Digital Distribution Blog

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Nearly a year ago, we launched the Digital Library Blog to keep partners up to speed on OverDrive’s digital services for libraries. But there’s a story we weren’t telling in our library blog—the story of our more than 1,000 publisher partners and our combined efforts to distribute digital content. OverDrive has a vast global network of libraries,… Read more »