Swedish Librarians on the Digital Bookmobile

Are you planning your next vacation? Maybe you should follow the lead of six Swedish librarians who made their way to Ohio last week. The group visited the Digital Bookmobile at events in Westerville, Rocky River, Cleveland, and Cleveland Heights after following the truck’s tour for months on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks to a travel grant from the Swedish Arts Council, the librarians were finally able to tour the Digital Bookmobile while discovering ways to improve services at the libraries in their home country.

In addition to chatting with the Digital Bookmobile staff, the librarians visited a number of Ohio libraries to learn more about how the U.S. libraries do business. Lisbeth Káplár, a library consultant in Stockholm County Library, said she is impressed at how responsive the American libraries are to communities, offering numerous copies of a single title and proactively offering classes to meet patrons’ needs.

So to our new Swedish friends, “Tack för besöket.” (Thanks for the visit.) Hope you can come back soon!

2 Responses to “Digitala bokbussen. That’s Digital Bookmobile in Swedish!”

  1. Birgitta Hellman Magnusson

    Hi there! Thanks a lot for your kindness and the passions you showed to all our questions. We arrived home monday morning full of new ideas about how to promote library digital materials and a lots of other good things. Tack för besöket och på återseende (see you again!). Birgitta with friends