Our last Digital Bookmobile update was posted more than a month ago, and since then we held our 250th event (with Boulder Public Library) and crossed the 35,000 mile mark. To quote Keanu Reeves, “Whoa.”

It’s hard to believe that in all that time on the road the Digital Bookmobile never held an event in the city of Dallas. That changed last week, of course, when the truck pulled into the city to help Dallas Public Library promote its new eBook, audiobook, music, and video download service. The visit even caught the attention of Dallas’ WFAA-TV. Check out this clip.

Congrats to Dallas Public Library on the successful launch and thank you to all of our host libraries last month.

But as the title of this blog post says, the Digital Bookmobile keeps going and going. We’ll be making our first visits to Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Iowa in the next few weeks, so check out the complete schedule for upcoming events.

As always, if you are interested in scheduling an event, send an email to events@digitalbookmobile.com or leave a comment below. The truck is on its way back east and could be heading your way soon.

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