The OverDrive team has just returned from a few very hot days in Washington, DC, at ALA 2010. This ALA was a busy one for us. In addition to our meeting booth and theater (thanks to everyone who visited!), we also hosted a Partner Luncheon for more than 300 librarians, and the Digital Bookmobile (more on the events and Lend Your Voice in another post).

It is an exciting time to be in the OverDrive network, and if you visited our booth at ALA or attended our Partner Luncheon: Digital Book Roadmap, you understand why.
With the growing awareness and adoption of digital books in the library, OverDrive is continually responding to customer feedback and following trends in the industry to bring our library partners innovative technology, user enhancements, and new content – all of which are part of our digital book roadmap.

For those of you who weren’t at ALA, here’s the CliffsNotes version:

Proven Value
OverDrive’s Front Line Tech Support for patrons; LibraryBIN (“Buy It Now”), a retail store that supports public libraries; management tools such as OverDrive Dashboard; and our “Library Device” certification program.

Connect With Patrons
Mobile apps with eBook integration for popular devices such as Android, iPhone, and iPad; LEAP (Library eBook Accessibility Program); and user enhancements like “mySearch” and OverDrive Reciprocal.

Innovate with Multimedia
Interactive eBooks from Disney Digital Books, manga and comics from Marvel and TOKYOPOP; DRM-free eBooks, premium and free through partnerships with Project Gutenberg and Internet Archive; and popular music from a recent agreement with EMI and a new program called LibTunes.

Whew! As you can tell, we have some very exciting enhancements in the pipeline. As more details become available for each, you’ll find them here on our blog and newsletters. We will also post a brief video of the Partner Luncheon at ALA. Stay tuned!

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