The AASL conference begins this Thursday, and if there’s anything I get more excited about, it’s being in a room filled with amazing educators. I was a high school English teacher for six years, so I have personal experience with the job you do every day, even summers – imagine that!

I worked closely with my School Librarian; she was a gem! I predominately taught struggling readers, and every other week I took my class to the library for Dr. Weaks’ book talk. She would help my kids maneuver the library to select titles. And when I would email her to tell her my students were doing research or examining poetry, she ALWAYS selected the most interesting books that were absolutely perfect for my classes.

But if there’s one thing I remember and appreciate the most, it was that she was there to help when things got rough. We had an incident outside of school that of course found its way into the school building. My classroom environment was less than stellar. The air was thick; I’m pretty sure I may have choked. And the tension… forget the knife, this was going to take a light saber. Since I left mine at home that day, I needed another plan. I had to get my kids out of the room and away from each other before something bad happened. Dr. Weaks, without hesitation, told me to bring the kids to the library for the week just to have an extra pair of eyes and a different environment. It was exactly what my kids needed; before the end of the week, my angry 16 year olds were back to their old selves- and antics. I thanked Dr. Weaks over and over again. It was a true team effort, and I don’t know if I would have made it through that week without her help.

So now it’s my turn to make those days a little easier for you. Stop by the OverDrive booth (#937) and let me tell you about all of the wonderful benefits of using OverDrive’s digital collection in your school. Whether you’re looking to help struggling readers or ELL students, accommodate IEPs, differentiate instruction, expand your collection, or simply not deliver book carts anymore; let’s have a conversation! Dr. Weaks helped lighten the load for me, so let OverDrive do the same for you! Oh, and bring your stories, I know you’ve got PLENTY, and I miss hearing them!

Sarah Kaminski is a training specialist at OverDrive.

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