A few years ago, during silent reading, a student of mine took out his cell phone and proceeded to stare at it. I told him to put it away and take out a book, but he insisted that he was reading. When he brought his phone to me, I did in fact see that he was reading an eBook. I was amazed; I knew this was going to be the future and I knew I had to embrace it.

I did some digging and found that my public library had OverDrive’s digital library. As I was browsing the collection I found the audiobook Night by Elie Wiesel. My class was reading this, so I checked it out and played it for them while they read along in their books. My students said they loved it because it helped them pronounce unfamiliar words. Because that went so well, I checked out an eBook and displayed that on my Promethean board, having the students highlight phrases or passages pertaining to our lesson that day.

Soon after, I came to OverDrive and wanted to share with you exactly what I learned firsthand: Having a digital library in your school makes life in the classroom that much better! Students can check out titles from their desks on their own devices, they can choose titles appropriate for their reading level, and there are no more library fines (the digital titles automatically return themselves to the collection at the end of the lending period).

So please make sure you stop by the OverDrive Booth (#450) to learn more about the benefits of using OverDrive’s School Download Library in your school.

Sarah Kaminski is a training specialist for OverDrive.



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