Through their incredible generosity, author Michael Malone and his publisher, Sourcebooks, have invited millions of readers around the world to simultaneously enjoy ‘The Four Corners of the Sky’ through June 1st as part of the Big Library Read event. This week, readers will have the chance to chat with Michael about his critically-acclaimed novel.


On Thursday, May 23rd, at 8 p.m. ET (here’s a converter for different time zones), Sourcebooks and OverDrive will host a Facebook chat with Michael Malone, giving readers from across the globe the opportunity to ask questions about Michael’s book, his life, or anything else! The chat is open to everyone, so please feel free to share this link with your patrons.


We’re expecting a large crowd, so please submit your questions for Michael in the comments section of this blog and we’ll make sure they’re asked during the chat! Also, keep sharing your thoughts on Twitter by using #BigLibraryRead and be sure to follow Michael’s Twitter and Facebook page for updates from the author.


We’re looking forward to your questions for Michael and chatting with you this Thursday!


Adam Sockel is a Marketing Specialist at OverDrive

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