Have you ever walked through your favorite store, noticed something new and thought, “Wow, I can get/do that here?” Yeah, Marketplace is kind of like that. It’s much more than just a place to build and order carts, and the recent updates have made it even easier to use all the bells and whistles. Here are the top 10 things you can do besides ordering titles:

  1. Run reports. See how many titles are in your collection, how many checkouts you’ve had, how many individual people are borrowing titles and much more. Permission needed: Reports
  2. Use the Select Express tools. Make life easier by automatically keeping track of your holds, recommendations and more. Set it up to fit your budget and needs, and let it work its magic. Permission(s) needed: RTL Manager, Smart List, Publisher Presales (also requires Purchase), Holds Manager. *Note: Select Express can now be found under the SHOP drop-down menu.
  3. Upload Local Content. If you own the copyright to a title, you can circulate it at your digital library. Locally produced eBooks, music, educational materials, historical documents and video are just a few of the things you can add. Permission(s) needed: Local content to add/edit titles, Library site admin to set number of copies available.
  4. Submit invoicing questions. Want to know what your exact balance is, or get a copy of an invoice? Using the Invoicing Support form under the SUPPORT tab is the fastest way to get answers to all your billing questions. Permission needed: Invoicing.
  5. Access the End-user support tools. Return titles, move or cancel a user’s hold and reset download links without needing to submit a support request. Permission needed: End-user support.
  6. Contact OverDrive Support Services. For those more in-depth issues and questions, visit the SUPPORT tab to open the Support form. Permission needed: None; automatically receive access with a Marketplace login.
  7. Merge the One Copy/One User and Metered Access catalogs. So this one does have direct ties to ordering content, but it’s so useful it had to be on the list. Just like the round-table commercials with kids, what’s better: searching for something once, or searching for something twice? Permission needed: Marketing settings.
  8. Stay informed with the NEWS tab. Have you seen our new blog site? Be taken directly to it, as well as our Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest pages, sign up for the ContentWire newsletter, and view important alerts regarding your OverDrive service. Permission needed: None; automatically receive access with a Marketplace login.
  9. Access all the help resources from one place. OverDrive Help? Check. Learning Center? Check. Marketing resources? Check. All under the SUPPORT tab. Permission needed: None; automatically receive access with a Marketplace login.
  10. Manage MARC record ordering. MARC records increase the discoverability of your digital library, and all your options and settings, as well as samples, can be found under the ADMIN drop-down menu. Permission needed: MARC records.

If you’re curious about what else you can do, or want more information on user permissions, you can view the Marketplace User Guide, which is accessible from the SUPPORT tab. You can also always reach out to your Collection Development Specialist for any questions on Marketplace, and if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the site, please submit them using the “Suggestion” issue category on the Support form.


Beau Livengood is an Account Specialist at OverDrive.

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