Simon & Schuster has announced that they are expanding their eBook lending program, and OverDrive can prepare to supply their eBook catalog to all U.S. public libraries.

A requirement to add Simon & Schuster eBook titles for library lending is that each title must have a “Buy-it-Now” option on the page alongside Borrow or Place a Hold. To satisfy this requirement, OverDrive operates, which has been live at dozens of U.S. public library sites.

With Library BIN, your library will earn a content credit equal to 50 percent of the retail markup for titles purchased from the OverDrive-hosted referral page. The content credit will be applied to your OverDrive Marketplace account for future orders. To opt into BIN, please contact your Collection Development Specialist.

The Simon & Schuster catalog includes authors such as Stephen King, Janet Evanovich, Mary Higgins Clarke, David McCullough, Jodi Picoult, and titles like Mr. Mercedes, Hard Choices, The Light Between Oceans, Steve Jobs, Under the Dome, and many more!

The Simon & Schuster eBook catalog is available for purchase under a one-year term. More information on the Simon & Schuster catalog will be available next week.

16 Responses to “Simon & Schuster eBooks: Coming soon for all OverDrive U.S. public library partners”

  1. Julie Bauer

    So a library would have opt in to BIN in order to get Simon & Schuster ebooks?

    • Heather Tunstall

      Hi Julie,
      Yes, libraries are required to opt into BIN for Simon & Schuster eBooks.

  2. Alison Hewett

    It is hard to believe that publishers think that offering an ebook to a library for only one year softens the blow of having to be a store for them as well. To me it presents an ethical dilemma…are book talks and promotions sales pitches literally now?

  3. Renee Romanoff

    Will opting in to Bin include a buy button for all materials or only Simon & Schuster eBooks?

    • Heather Tunstall

      Hi Renee,
      Opting into BIN will include a buy button for all materials where online retailers are available.

  4. Melissa Boulton

    How would that work with consortia? Would the whole consortium have to agree to the BIN, or would it be something only available to those with an Advantage account?

    • Heather Tunstall

      Hi Melissa,
      For consortia, the entire consortium would have to opt into BIN.

  5. Thomas Moore

    What about the Library Win Affiliate feature? If you have that on your site could you offer Simon & Schuster books? Or does it have to be Library Bin?

    • Heather Tunstall

      Hi Thomas,
      Yes, you are able to purchase Simon & Schuster books if you participate in the Library Win Affiliate program. Thanks!

  6. Julie Maly

    Please explain what the “one-year term” entails. Thank you. (Camellia Net)

    • Heather Tunstall

      Hi Julie,
      A one-year term means that one year after a Simon & Schuster eBook is purchased, you will have to repurchase the title to keep it in the collection (similar to the Penguin eBook content).

  7. Rachel Montgomery

    What’s the difference between WIN and BIN? Is there any additional cost (outside of purchasing titles for the library) to participate in the BIN program?

    • Heather Tunstall

      Hi Rachel,
      We have what we call a WIN catalog that encompasses several features including Recommend to Library and the affiliate program. BIN refers to the “Buy it Now” button that gives users the option to purchase a title from your library website as part of the affiliate program. There is no additional cost to the library to add the WIN catalog features to your website.

  8. Mike

    It is great to have more publishers available. Here are a few questions: Would the Library BIN be extended to the Kids and Teens Reading Rooms? Would other vendors (Amazon, Powell’s, etc.) show up under the BIN button? Is there some control over the color of the BIN button, can it be made to look like the Add to Wish List button?

    • Heather Tunstall

      Hi Mike,
      Thanks for your comment. Please contact your Account Specialist, who will be able to better address your specific questions.

  9. Nancy Ladd

    Shame on Simon and Schuster for making this restrictive and feeble offer, and shame on OverDrive for not apparently trying to be a stronger advocate on behalf of its client library consortia.