At ALA’s annual conference earlier this month we demonstrated our brand new enhanced eBooks which provide a deeper and more expansive reading experience for your users. These EPUB3 titles use HTML5 allowing titles to be presented in a fixed layout format. What this means for your users is that young readers will be able to discover picture books and classic titles on their reading devices the same way you did as a kid. It also means that many of the books that were previously not available as eBooks because of their formatting and layout are now ready for digital lending.


Being able to provide titles in this beautiful format enables us to offer titles from authors and publishers whose style and look is almost as well known as the stories themselves. Some examples of titles you can add to your collection right now in fixed layout include The Monster Returns, The Construction Crew, and countless children’s titles published by Dorling Kindersley including numerous Star Wars titles.



The fixed layout is perfect for titles whose formatting looks cleaner when the text is not resized. Some examples of titles you can expect to see in this format include text books with charts and graphs, travel guides filled with detailed maps, books of art history as well as cookbooks complete with full recipes and photos.

Fixed layout is not a new format your library needs to add, and any title that comes in this format will be viewable as an OverDrive Read title in your browser. Contact your OverDrive Collection Specialist for more information about these titles as well as custom lists and carts. We will be continuously adding new fixed layout titles every day, so keep checking back for updates. In the meantime, head over to Marketplace and see what’s available now!

Titles availability may vary by geographic location.

Adam Sockel is a Marketing Communications Specialist with OverDrive.

4 Responses to “Fixed layout brings beautiful picture books to your device”

  1. Helaine

    Love using OVERDRIVE MEDIA on my Kindle Fire. It would help if I could arrange the books according to AUTHOR since I download many books by the same author. Now I can only arrange books by title or recent download.

    • Helaine

      Thank you in advance for looking into this suggestion.

    • Heather Tunstall

      Hi Helaine,
      Thanks so much for your note. This is something we’d like to do, and is on our list of features to work on. We’ll keep you updated on any OverDrive app enhancements as they come along.

  2. Abhijit Joarder

    Nice Article. Sometimes I really feel amazed how the revolution happened. Hard bound books, ebooks mainly in PDF format, ePub, mobi, nook, ms reader, and latest is ePub3. It is a big revolution. I think ePub3s ultimate destination should be our kids bag. I really feel….so much weight they have to carry in their back. Why cannot a iPad, kindle, nook or any tablet. Safety from everywhere.

    I have made numerous no of fixlayout, image books, audio books, ibooks using ibooks author but still learning, which makes me happy off course.

    Let’s see where we can reach. I am really looking forward.