Yesterday, we shared a few ways that the winners of June’s OverDrive Challenge managed to increase their circulation in June by more than 25% or 50% over their previous best month on record. There were so many great ideas that we continue the series today with some more fun examples. Which of these creative campaigns can you adopt in your own library to help raise awareness and boost circulation?

Generate excitement in and around the library

“We created an in-library display of book covers that correlated with popular eBook titles and had a computer display at our checkout desks with information about OverDrive. We also reached into the community, sending a direct email to every city employee, advertising our eBook collection.” – Heather G, Watsonville Public Library

“It was fortuitous timing that the main library closed for refurbishment in June, so we promoted the E-Library as a form of alternative provision during the closure. The photo shows a big board outside the closed library suggesting that people use eBooks during the closure – ‘Don’t forget the library in your living room.’ In addition to these measures, we also invested a lot of money in new eBooks; created some featured collections; used social media (I got retweeted by Jenny Agutter!); and put up A5 posters among the books in libraries recommending particular eBooks with QR codes.” – Helen W, York Libraries


“At the West Boulevard Library, I created bookmarks to put in Adult and YA fiction titles that have an eBook in OverDrive.  I also created shelfmarker type signs that stuck out on the shelves that informed patrons we have eBooks and eAudiobooks.” – Deshea J, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library


Our most popular print books now all have ‘Also available as an eBook’ stickers on the covers. We also made a huge thermometer banner that hangs from the top of our second floor to monitor our eBooks stats during the Challenge.” – Kirsten N, St. Albert Public Library


Stand out on social media

“We identified early on that we needed at least 900 downloads to safely meet the 25% target, and invited our community to help us ‘crack 900 downloads’ in June. Our campaign was run mainly via our social media channels, particularly Facebook and Twitter. We used the hashtag #crackthe900 on all promotional updates/tweets, and created posters and social media profile images displaying that hashtag.” – Athina M, Monash Public Library Service


“In addition to an email blast, we posted regularly on Facebook. Here’s one of our fun posts:

I know it is summer, but that doesn’t mean you should let your brain atrophy! In order to help your mind stay nimble, let’s practice a little math. Ready? Here’s a story problem:
The library has 2,776 followers on Facebook.
The library needs to check out 10,000 more eBooks and audiobooks this month to win some money.
How many eBooks and audiobooks would each follower need to check out this month to make sure the library succeeds?
Show your work (by heading to and putting that library card to good use!)” – Julie B, Lake County Public Library

“This is our mascot Monte who encouraged our Facebook users to help us beat the Challenge! Monte is a donkey, in honor of our first county librarian who delivered books to extremely rural areas via burro.” – Sharon C, Monterey County Free Libraries


Feel free to leave your unique promotional ideas in the comments or on our Facebook page!

Melissa Marin is a Marketing Specialist at OverDrive

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