26 Responses to “The new OverDrive app is here!”

  1. patricia hoffman

    I’d like to be able use my overdrive media app on my motorola android phone and other devices that I have. None of the devices will allow me to download a book with the overdrive media app that I now have. I hope this new app will allow me to enjoy reading with it once again, as every device seems to be a problem. Thanks for hearing me out, as it is very frustrating..

    • Heather Tunstall

      Hi Patricia,
      Thanks for your note and I’m sorry you’re having trouble. The OverDrive app is compatible with all major smartphones and devices, including android operating systems. Have you contacted your library for assistance or visited our Help website for specific issues (this website has a ton of information and step-by-step instructions for downloading books on all devices)? If you are still having issues, please let me know and I’ll make sure to get you in touch with our support team to assist you.

    • Heather Tunstall

      Hi Kristen,
      Absolutely – our team is working hard to update all related materials. Thanks!

    • Juli A

      Yes, please! Our staff uses the materials I prepare for them, but I base it on the How-to instructions OverDrive provides.

  2. Heather Shaver

    I love the change that came with this, but I’m also wondering if there’s going to be an update for Android devices where you can change the speed of narration for audiobooks? This can be done on iOS devices already.

  3. Sabrina

    Will there be the ability for users over the age 13 to bypass the OverDrive account setup? I had a terribly difficult time a few weeks ago (I guess before the new app was released) trying to download books from the OverDrive app (on the iPad) because it wouldn’t download the book without setting up the OverDrive account. This was in addition to having to authorize an Adobe ID. It literally took me 2 hours to figure out. Why is it necessary to set up a separate account?

    • Heather Tunstall

      Hi Sabrina,
      Thanks for your note. Users over the age of 13 will now be required to set up an OverDrive account, but this will eliminate the separate step of setting up an Adobe ID (essentially, it takes care of both in the same step now with the new update). But this way, with one account set up, you have all the privileges that come with an OverDrive account, including device syncing and better search options. The new update simplifies all of this into one easy step during setup and you should be all set! If you’re still having trouble, I recommend our Help page, which has a ton of articles that can answer device-specific questions and give you step-by-step instructions. Otherwise, contact your support team by clicking on “Support” in Marketplace for additional assistance.

    • Heather Tunstall

      Hello Sabrina,
      Thank you for your note. Users must create an OverDrive account but with the new update, the separate step of authorizing an Adobe ID is no longer required! The OverDrive account takes care of that step for you, and also provides you with the ability to sync your devices, save your libraries, and more. In regards to setting up a user account for a reader under 13, there are some great guides and step-by-step instructions on our Help website, here. Good luck, and if you need further support, please click on the “Support” tab in Marketplace to connect with our support team.

  4. Linda Christiansen

    It appears an update was recently downloaded to my Android phone and now 2 different books have stopped playing with the message “error pausing playback. java.lang.illegalStateException (error code 1042). Everything stops and nothing goes any further. I downloaded a new book this morning and 5 minutes into listening got the same error message. I hate updates!!!!

    • Heather Tunstall

      Hi Linda,
      I apologize that you’re experiencing issues with the update. I have connected you with the support team offline to resolve.

  5. Mary Anne Sjoberg

    So glad you eliminated the Adobe authorization. I do tech coaching at my library and it was a real catch 22 that discouraged patrons from using overdrive. Most patrons were already techno challenged and that made it nearly impossible. On another issue, in the categories would it be possible to have a “not romance” choice. I hate wading through all the bodice rippers! Also an adult category so no children’s books are shown. Just my 2 cents!

    • Heather Tunstall

      Hi Mary Anne,
      Thanks so much for your note, and we’re glad to help! We are actually working on enhancements with more filters available, which will be coming soon. I will notify our team to make sure your suggestion is noted. Have a great day.

  6. Suz

    I love the new app! Thank you.
    The remember log is doesn’t work. I would like to log in without retrieving my library card each time. Can this be done?

    • Heather Tunstall

      Hi Suz,
      Thank you for your note! You should be able to save your settings during log in to remember your library card number. Are you referring to where you enter it on your library’s page (once you select your library) or within your OverDrive account? If it is on your library’s page, you may have to contact your library for assistance. If it is within the OverDrive account, please let me know and I’ll make sure to get you connected to someone who can help.


  7. Cataldo Patti

    Please help me resolve this:
    downloaded book opens in pause mode. When I hit the pause button I get this message:
    error pausing playback. java.lang.illegalStateException (error code 1042).Nexus 4phone.

    • Heather Tunstall

      Hello Cataldo,
      I’m sorry you’re experiencing difficulties. I am connecting you through the support channels to address your issue offline.

  8. Beverly McClaskey

    I am having the same issues as a couple of other responders with receiving the error pausing playback.java.lang.illegalstateexception (error code 1042). Galaxy Note 3

    • Heather Tunstall

      Hi Beverly,
      I have notified our support and development teams of the issue and they are working on a solution.

  9. kant

    My LG G2 is on 4.4.2. and I have Overdrive 3.2. I have been an Overdrive media player user since 2 years and I appreciate it so much that I can listen to Audio books while driving. But lately every time I pause an audio book, I get an error : “error pausing playback. java.lang.illegalStateException…” And I have to forcefully kill the application. When I resume, it starts from the previous session (last bookmark or last starting point). This has become very annoying and i have to constantly keep using the bookmark option so that I can resume listening to from the actual last time. Please help!!
    P.S. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Overdrive, error is still happening!

    • Heather Tunstall

      Hello Kant,
      Thank you for your note, and I’m sorry you’re experiencing trouble. Our support and development teams are working on this issue.

  10. Jessica

    I typically opt to read my books in the browser and will add to homescreen and then download for offline use, but since either the update app being released or the new version of ios (8), this feature is now broken and the book insists on staying firmly in the browser and won’t download for offline reading. The homescreen icon just launches safari with the book in a new tab and offline seems impossible. After repeated attempts to download (hitting download, then x-ing it out when it clearly didn’t work and repeating tHe process) I’m told the book isn’t availabe Offline. Any ideas on what’s going on?



    • Jessica

      Also, the books that I had downloaded before that had been working, definitely stopped working after the iOS 8 update. I got a message to the effect of “oops there is a problem with homescreen and we’re working on it, please open in safari.” I’m not sure if that is a message native to Apple or if that is your message.

    • Heather Tunstall

      Hello Jessica,
      I have connected you with our support team offline to resolve your issue.