OverDrive is pleased to announce that Simon & Schuster has expanded the availability of its catalog to Australia and New Zealand. With this expansion, the Simon & Schuster catalog now displays in OverDrive Marketplace for all U.S., Australia, and New Zealand public libraries. Some of the titles available* include The Great Gatsby, The Summer Girls by Mary Alice Munroe, I Am Having so Much Fun Here Without You by Courtney Maum, and many more. All titles are available through the one-year metered access lending model.

A requirement to add Simon & Schuster eBooks to your library’s digital collection is the “Buy It Now” feature. The option to Buy It Now will appear on all titles in your collection that are available to purchase from an affiliated retailer. Libraries that opt-in to the Buy It Now (BIN) feature will have access to many titles not previously available.

Before submitting a purchase order in OverDrive Marketplace that includes a Simon & Schuster title, you will be prompted to agree to enable the BIN feature. The feature will then be added to your OverDrive-powered website within a few days.

For each sale generated through BIN, your library will receive a percentage of proceeds from a user’s entire purchase from the affiliated retailer. On a quarterly basis, the proceeds will be added to your OverDrive account as a content credit to use toward content purchases and your library will receive an email from OverDrive with a summary of BIN activity. For more information on the feature, please watch a brief overview here. Patrons and Friends of the Library in your community can take advantage of this excellent way to support the library they love and enjoy.

If you have any questions, contact your Collection Development Specialist. We are always here to help!


Happy Reading!


*Title selection varies by geographic region

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