You work hard to bring readers to your digital library, and we can help. OverDrive APIs are just for that: by integrating with library OPACs, APIs help to expose your digital titles to more readers and make searching and browsing for titles a breeze.

More than 1,650 libraries use OverDrive APIs within their library OPAC, enabling 1.3 million checkouts to date in 2014. OverDrive’s API usage has been soaring each quarter this year, in part thanks to integration with third party vendors such as Boopsie, SirsiDynix, Polaris Library Systems, and Innovative Interfaces Inc. Check out more fun facts including the top API users, reader habits, and top rated users in the infographic to the right (click for full size).

Matt Enis of Library Journal recently wrote an article about how readers are accessing eBooks and other content, and how OverDrive APIs work hand-in-hand with library websites. Read the full article, here.

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