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Over the years, we here at OverDrive have noted some of the December best practices of our libraries as we creep up on the holiday rush. Here is what we’ve learned:

The days between December 25 and January 5 are some of the busiest of the whole year for our libraries as people find new devices under their Christmas trees. It’s important to be ready for this demand.

This is your last chance to increase your circulation numbers for 2014. Are your checkouts up for the year? Are they going to be higher than last year? Or are you close to joining the Million Checkouts Club? Now is the time for a last minute push.

Will you find extra money in your budget as POs are closed, or can you transfer a little left from here and there in various accounts? If so, instead of burying your Technical Services Department with a flood of print books just as they’d like to be taking vacation, consider spending that money on your digital collection. No mess, no fuss, and you’ll begin to increase your circulation within a few hours without impacting another department.

One guaranteed way to increase circulation is to fill your holds, which not only ensures immediate checkouts, but also will make it more likely that those with new devices won’PostHolidayGraphict be disappointed when they search your digital library for something popular to read on Christmas morning.

Are you worried about your staff supporting all those new users? Contact your Collection Development Specialist to find out about the possibility of free Frontline Support supplied by OverDrive if you can hit certain spending targets.

Wondering what to buy? The OverDrive Collection Development Librarians have created many carts to help you spend any last minute extra money quickly. You’ll see a few of them linked below, or go to our Recommended Lists page to see many more. And remember, you can click any of the links, which will take you to Marketplace, and then filter by selecting “not in collection” to see only the titles you don’t already own.

Call or email us if you need help meeting deadlines. We are always happy to do anything we can for you, including building carts to your specifications.

Email your Collection Development Specialist, or the Or call 216 573-6886, ext. 762 to reach the Collection Development Department or your specialist. We’re here and ready to help!

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