Tablets and eReaders are popular gifts every year and many of your patrons may wonder what device is right for them or their loved ones. At your library, you can host a Holiday Device Showcase to display popular devices and give your patrons a chance to get some hands-on experience with the gadgets. Many libraries already offer events like this (GadgHolidayDeviceShowcaseGraphicet Galleries, Device Petting Zoos, Hands-On eReader Classes) – you can give it a seasonal flair with a rebrand and promote with a web graphic to your online visitors and with a poster for those stopping into your branches. You can find the graphic, a poster and some instructions in the Partner Portal.

Not sure which devices to feature in your Holiday Device Showcase? Looking for a shopping guide to help your patrons choose which tablet, smart phone or eReader is best for them once they leave the library? I highly recommend the recent blog posts by Quinton Lawman, A geek’s guide to geeky gifts. Quinton provides in depth reviews and analysis of a variety of products and picks his favorites, featuring pricing details and links to purchase each item. You can share the post on social media for your users or even print out a copy of this and other popular device articles and gift giving guides to have on hand at your library.

Once users have picked out what device to buy, help them wrap it up! Inspired by High Point Public Library, think outside of the box – or rather… think inside of the box with a Gift Box Giveaway. To help other libraries recreate this great idea, we’ve created Gift Box Giveaway resources that are now available in the Partner Portal. In the zip folder, you’ll find everything you need to become one of “Santa’s Helpers” and launch your Gift Box Giveaway program: a print-ready flyer, a Facebook graphic, instructions to help gather what you need, greeting cards and printable getting started guides.

Questions? Contact your Account Specialist for more details.

Melissa Marin is a Marketing Specialist at OverDrive.

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