My good friend got a new tablet for Christmas. It took her three year old son only a few minutes to become an expert! He’s not alone. Kids all over the world received tablets this holiday season, which means that they are prepped to start checking out the latest, greatest eBooks and Audiobooks from your digital library.

Over the last few months, we’ve made some updates to Marketplace to make it easier than ever for you to home in on titles for your young readers.

Search/Filter by Audience

You can now search for titles using the Audience field, which breaks the collection into categories like Young Adult Fiction or Juvenile Nonfiction. When combined with other terms in your Advanced Search, you can get much more targeted results.

For example:  A search for the title “Dragon” will turn up hundreds of results, but filtering by or adding “Juvenile Fiction” to the Audience category reduces your results to a more pertinent selection.


searchtips1     VS.   searchtips2


The Audience search is also a great way to search for school-appropriate titles in nonfiction subject areas. (Subject: “Careers” + Audience: “Young Adult Nonfiction” = great resources for college-bound high school students.)

Top 200 Searches

If you haven’t seen them yet, the new preset searches along the left side of the Marketplace homepage is one of my favorite new features. You can quickly see the most circulated Juvenile and Young Adult content across OverDrive’s vast network of schools and libraries. The search is filtered so you only see results that you don’t own!


Don’t forget, you can also use ATOS book levels, Interest levels, and Lexile Measures® to help find what you want. If you still need help finding the best titles for young readers, don’t forget you have a Collection Development Specialist. Just email for personalized recommendations.


Bailey Hotujac is a Collection Development Specialist with OverDrive.


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