Ever wonder about new digital features, how other OverDrive library partners are promoting their virtual branch, or what great new titles are being added to Content Reserve? Here are some excellent ways that you can stay updated on all of the new things going on around the OverDrive network. (In addition to this blog, of course.)

Critical Alerts: Checking the Critical Alerts in Content Reserve is an excellent way to stay abreast of information related to your virtual branch. This wide array of alerts include important software and website updates, as well as any new features that are available.

Digital Dispatch: For those who are interested in the digital media world, sign up for the quarterly Digital Dispatch newsletter. Digital Dispatch is for all public library partners who would like to learn how OverDrive’s partner libraries are innovating with media downloads, and want to get the latest on publishers, devices, trends, and more. You can view archived versions of Digital Dispatch.

Digital Dispatch

ContentWire: For those interested in collection development, sign up for the weekly ContentWire newsletter. ContentWire will keep you up to date on the hottest titles added to Content Reserve; in each issue, you’ll receive the latest information on new releases, must-read titles, and popular best-sellers! You can view archived version of ContentWire.

Content Wire

If you haven’t yet signed up for Digital Dispatch or ContentWire¬†you can do so¬†in Content Reserve’s Marketplace or by going to OverDrive’s Publication page.

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