Digital Library Statistics

The name really speaks for itself: ‘The Digital Library Statistics’ Report, available in Content Reserve, generates instantly to display a snapshot of what’s in your digital collection. Statistics include overall and current checkouts, holds, patrons, number of titles and copies of titles in the collection. Best of all, the report includes ‘total’ numbers as well as a breakdown by each format. (See screen shot above)

If you’re looking for a quick summary of what’s in your collection, this report is your new best friend. It’s easy to print and bring along to a meeting or submit for an annual report.

To view the ‘Digital Library Statistics’ report, and other reports in Content Reserve, contact the Library Coordinator for your OverDrive download service to request a login ID and password. If you have general questions regarding reports, please comment below or email

Don’t forget that we offer free, online training for all aspects of your download service, including Reports, so let us know if you’re interested.

Stay tuned for more on Reports!

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