I, like many others, love movie trailers.  Filmmakers do such a great job creating these trailers, that by the end of the two-and-a-half minute clip you are already planning your trip to the theater for opening day. The point of these short clips are to accurately portray the plot and to give just enough car chases or clever one-liners to pull you in, but not enough footage to make you feel as if you can wait for it to come out on video.

Trailers have been such a successful marketing tool for the movie industry that publishers and authors have decided to join the build for pre-release excitement. For booksellers these trailers give the opportunity to build huge buzz around a title, as well as help paint the picture for potential readers. It’s a new idea, and for many an unusual one, because some feel that the point of a book is for the reader to build their own imagery.

But if you have trouble picturing Honest Abe killing monsters with a stake in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, you can check this out.

Or just can’t understand how Marianne and Elinor could possibly find love surrounded by sea creatures in the Quirk Classic Sense and Sensibility of Sea Monsters? Head over to YouTube if you need some help visualizing.

The popularity of book trailers is increasing so quickly that new how-to websites such as hubpages.com are being created to aide in the production of self-made book trailers. Libraries are also jumping on the bandwagon using book trailer as a way to promote how fun reading can be. Pioneer Library System in Oklahoma is one of many library systems challenging teens to create trailers to their favorite books in a Book Trailer Contest.

Got an idea for a book trailer, or have you already made one? Leave a comment and let us know.

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