In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we are taking a look at some impressive Irish authors. These European writers have contributed hundreds upon hundreds of intriguing, dramatic, and breath-taking stories. And while we recommend readers pick up these novels anytime during the year, today we acknowledge those authors with Irish roots.

Second-guessing American history, author Tim Severin relied on the medieval text of St. Brendan, to recreate the small open boat that may have been used to sail across the Atlantic to reach the New World almost 1,000 years before Christopher Columbus. In The Brendan Voyage, Severin recounts his adventurous and dangerous journey across freezing waters to merge both adventure and historical elements, and challenges the true discovery of America. To learn more about the adventure, check out this video.

In a story closer to home, Minding Frankie portrays modern families and relationships (check out what the author says about the book ). Maeve Binchy of Dalkey, Ireland, author of Heart and Soul, puts a small child, Frankie, at the center of everyone’s lives. The child’s mother doesn’t have much time to live, and her father is not the paternal type. Everyone comes together to make sure Frankie is taken care of all while holding on to their own secrets.

Frank Delaney was born in Tipperary, Ireland, and has written 21 books, including Shannon, A Novel and Tipperary, A Novel, to date. In Ireland, a storyteller visits the home of an Irish family, and stays for three nights. The traditional Seanchai tells stories of kings and saints, until he is cast out for speaking blasphemy. While the storyteller moves on, the nine-year-old who heard the stories is affected forever by the experience. He pursues the elusive storyteller and his magical tales for years.

Perhaps one of the most celebrated Irish writers is James Joyce, the writer of the classic novel Ulysses, in which Leopold Bloom wanders the streets of Dublin on June, 16 1904, a normal day. The reader learns of Bloom’s inner-most thoughts, creating a perspective unlike any other.

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