Ladies and gents, it’s official, summer is here yet again. And while we’d all love to take a summer hiatus, kick up our heels with a fancy umbrella-donned cocktail, and let the paperwork pile infinitely until the first leaves start to fall, this dream scape is not likely to be in the cards. For most of us, this hazy mirage is clouded by the pressures of the real world, and more specifically, the crisp green currency that makes it spin ‘round.

They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but if it did, I’d be hopping aboard my newly purchased yacht, ascot in hand, setting sail down the coastline faster than you could say, “Don’t forget your life preserver!”

Sadly, this tree does not exist (yet).  And though I’d love to jump ship, trading my desk job for a life of grandeur on the high seas, I do get a tremendous amount of joy from helping others attain dreams similar to my very own.

And so now, without further ado, or abuse of the English language, it is my great pleasure to present the newest resource we’ve made available through Content Reserve. After mining the metaphorical field, we’ve gathered up all of the brightest doubloons, and compiled them into this nifty, double-sided “Best Practices for Publishers and Suppliers” brochure.

From robust metadata and multiple lending models to cross promotion and Content Wire mentions, these often overlooked tips will help to get your accounts in tip-top shape faster than we can say “land ho mateys!”

So next time you get a free minute to spare be sure to check out this little ditty, located under the ‘Support’ tab in your Content Reserve accounts. And before you forget, once you’re ready to cash out for that luxury-liner heading starboard into uncharted territories on the glistening blue sea, don’t forget to send my invite; I like the wind blowing through my hair just as much as the next guy.

Amy Kaufman is a publisher partner services specialist for OverDrive.

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