Make like the Pilgrims and harvest! Or purchase! Whatever floats your boat (Pilgrims… boat…see what I did there since they arrived on a boat…haha?) Ok as you all know, summer is coming to a tragic close and with that comes frosty weather and frozen tundra. Don’t let your fruits and veggies go to waste! Now, I understand not all of you have had the luxurious free time required to plant a garden, so go ahead and head on over to your local produce store. It’s the effort that counts and the yummy end results that matter.

Ultimate Juicing by Donna Pliner Rodnitzky Choose from 125 mouth-watering recipes that include Adam’s Apple, Berry the Hatchet, The Beet Goes On and Grin and Carrot. The best part? This is fruits and veggies people, so these are healthy!

Fruit and Vegetable Preservation by N.P. Singh No this doesn’t actually tell you how to prepare or eat your produce, but it does show you how to keep it longer! We all know how hard it is to find good produce in the winter, so why not preserve the stuff you already have? Singh shows ways to preserve energy, time and money…three things we could all use more of, right?

5-a-day for Kids Made Easy by Karen Bali, Sally Child It’s a known fact that kids and healthy food don’t mix. I remember the good ole days of hiding carrots in the napkin box for my dear mom to find weeks later. Well your kids won’t have to hide anything with these recipes, mostly because the healthy bits are craftily disguised in these tantalizing dishes.

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Christina Bernecker is a training associate at OverDrive.

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