Harlequin has been publishing books for more than 60 years, with eBooks as a part of our publishing program since 2006, and while the format itself is making waves in the industry, it’s really nothing new. Authors have a story to tell, readers have a need to be entertained, or enriched, or inspired, and it’s our job to make that connection.

Yes, the format has changed countless aspects of how we go to business – but fundamentally, offering readers this format is consistent with the strategy that has made Harlequin one of the world’s leading publishers of books for women: be where women are.

Sixty years ago, that meant drug and grocery stores (and still does!). It also meant book stores and libraries, and discount department stores and airports….

When technology advanced, and Harlequin was able to expand its availability to literally get a story into a woman’s hands wherever and whenever she wanted, it was a natural extension of a decades-old strategy.

OverDrive has been an important partner in our eBook business from the very beginning, acting as both a distributor and as the platform for our eBookstore. They work with us to develop strategies and solutions to leverage our traditional business model with the unique advantages that eBooks bring – one of the most important being instant availability of our entire publishing catalogue. Harlequin publishes more than 120 new books each month, and has been simultaneously publishing eBooks with print front-list since 2007. But our readers told us they wanted more – so in the summer of 2011, we created the Harlequin Treasury program and began publishing years worth of backlist titles – starting with books from the 1990s.

Now, with more than 13,000 eBooks available (and more on the way), we look to eBooks as just another way we fulfill our commitment to our authors and readers. To help the author tell her story and present it to the world, and to help readers find the perfect book for them.

Eleanor Elliott is director of digital properties and social media for Harlequin.

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