With all the hustle and bustle of grown up life, it’s easy to become complacent and apathetic toward the blessings around us. There tends to be a never-ending list of stressors, from the next big project at work to how you can fit in enough time for the extended family, there’s the laundry list of chores and yard work that needs to be done around the house and concerns over money; always money. We want to share a friendly reminder that during the hectic holiday season, it’s crucial that you take time to stop and smell the cinnamon spice scented candle and appreciate the blessings around you.

Below you’ll find some of the things our blog team members are most thankful for. We hope you are as blessed as we, and wish you nothing but the best as you move through the holiday season and beyond.

Adam and Jason – Growing up, the Sockel house was filled with scented somethings-or-other around the holidays. We always had enough family, friends, food and festivities to make the season special. When we were younger we used to sit on our Grandpa’s lap as he read to us.  Holding several heavy books while sitting against his scratchy wool sweater and becoming enveloped in a smell we’d later learn was a combination of equal parts musk, whiskey and pipe tobacco would prove to be a lifelong memory.  Eight-year-old Jason and 5-year-old Adam would have traded in their Nintendo for eBooks back then! From these memories we derive the things for which we are most thankful. We are thankful for Dr. Seuss and the new Muppets movie, sports to watch on television with groups of our friends, our ever-expanding family and for the privilege of getting to work together and co-write blog posts as brothers thanks to the magic of Brovember!

Amy – To have such loving and caring family and friends, who laugh at all of my jokes, even though 99% of the time, they aren’t really that funny.

Brianne – I am thankful for my great family, my fun friends, my wonderful boyfriend and Haagen-Dazs dark chocolate ice cream!

Cassie – I am thankful for my favorite bands providing me with some wonderful tunes to keep my spirits up during the cold and dreary months of winter. I am thankful for my dog. Not only is she my best friend, but walking her up and down four flights of stairs has been a wonderful inadvertent workout!

Christina – I am thankful for extra helpings of stuffing, family dinners, and my brand spanking new fiancé.

Cindy – My daughter, who has been in NYC for 5 years, just accepted a job in Cleveland and will be coming home.

Karen D. – I am thankful for the Cleveland Foodbank for providing free and discounted food for people in need.

Karen E. – I am thankful for Fall in Cleveland, weekends with no plans, family, friends, kittens and puppies.

Lindsey– I am thankful for another year of health and happiness for my family and friends.  I am also thankful that 2011 was filled with so many wonderful new books – especially Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever!

Marla – I am thankful for my family, chocolate and books.

Megan – I am thankful for my wonderful family and incredible friends. I’m even thankful for my crazy dog, Cooper, that keeps me and my husband on our toes every day. I’m also thankful for the amazing group of people I get to work with at OverDrive.

Melissa – I am thankful for my family, friends and fiancé… also, alliteration.

Quinton – I’m thankful for my wife.  She sticks with me despite my eccentricities and general goofiness.  I’m a lucky man. I’m thankful for my new-ish job with OverDrive.  I like it here, and hope to stay for a long time.

Shannon – I am thankful for my family and our soon-to-be addition in May. Oh, and that it looks like LeBron James will go another season without an NBA championship.

Most of all, we are all thankful for our numerous library, school and college partners; without whom none of this would be possible.

Season’s Readings.

Adam Sockel is a marketing and outreach specialist and Jason Sockel is a collection development associate at OverDrive.

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