The Cuyahoga County Public Library has implemented WIN Catalog features including “Book & Author Impressions.” (Click image for larger view.)

Whether you’ve been following this blog, receiving our Digital Dispatch newsletter or emailing with Team OverDrive in the past year, chances are you’ve heard us mention OverDrive’s WIN Catalog.  The initiative helps patrons discover new digital content by expanding search to “Additional Titles” beyond your library’s collection, encourages patron-driven acquisition with the “Recommend to Library” feature, and even enables patrons to “Buy It Now” from affiliated retailers. When patron’s purchase titles using “Buy It Now,” your library receives a portion of the proceeds in the form of OverDrive content credit.


To date, more than 100 OverDrive-powered libraries have enrolled in the WIN Catalog, and across the board, these partners have seen increases in patron traffic and circulation. The WIN Catalog helps libraries increase their activity numbers and allows patrons easy access to brand-new content, a true win-win situation.


The best part of WIN Catalog? These services are FREE for library partners, and they’re available NOW. To enroll, simply contact your OverDrive Account Specialist.


Once your library subscribes to the WIN Catalog, you’ll notice three distinct changes to “virtual branch” website.  As patrons browse your site, they’ll have the ability to search for titles within your collection and narrow their focus to only available titles, just as they do now. However, they’ll also see a third field,  “Additional Titles,” which lets them browse and search the entire OverDrive catalog.


The second change you’ll notice are the “Buy it Now” and “Recommend” buttons. The “Buy it Now” option will be available for titles offered for sale by a WIN affiliate partners; the “Recommend” button applies to titles that are not currently a part of your collection. Through Recommend to Library (RTL) Manager, you can control the number of recommendations a patron can make in an allotted time frame. You can also arrange to automatically order Recommended titles. With the WIN Catalog, you’re in the driver’s seat, and your patrons are right there riding shotgun.


Finally, the WIN Catalog incorporates “Book & Author Impressions,” a service that gives readers a way to directly connect with authors’ fan pages and learn about events at your library and around the literary world.


For more information about the WIN Catalog, or to sign up this FREE new innovation, contact your Account Specialist today.


Adam Sockel is a Marketing and Outreach Specialist and Jason Sockel is a Collection Development Specialist at OverDrive.

3 Responses to “Is Your Library Reaping the Benefits of OverDrive’s WIN Catalog?”

  1. Judy Hill

    does this work with the nook e reader and how does it work thank you

  2. Guard your privacy

    It would be nice to have an additional button to buy a title on behalf of your lending library as a donation. That way you could get the book you want to lend from the library and also make it available to other library users without it costing the library anything.