Library buildings, whether public, school or college, cannot be open all the time—even librarians have to sleep! Whether it’s outside of regular business hours, closed for holidays, bad weather or construction, there are times the doors are locked.


Where can library users turn when they want an eBook at 2 A.M. or desperately need an audiobook to listen to while out of town, enjoying a vacation? The library’s OverDrive site, of course! One of the best things about the digital library is that it never closes. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the digital library is there for patrons to browse and check out digital materials. Even if they aren’t walking into your branches, they are supporting your library services.


San Juan Community Library in Puerto Rico suffered a devastating collapse of their roof in April and had to close their physical location. Thankfully, through support from the community, they will be able to repair their roof and reopen the library. While they are closed, San Juan has been doing a fantastic job of reminding their patrons of the digital library with emails and messages on their website such as:


“With our bricks-and-mortar branch closed for roof renovations, now is the perfect time to get better acquainted with your virtual branch,!”


“Remember: While our brick and mortar library is closed, we are open 24/7 at our digital branch, You have mobile devices, we have books.”


To help users become more self-sufficient while using your digital collection, encourage them to become familiar with your Help resources. Whenever they have a question, no matter where they are, they can visit your OverDrive site, click Help and find useful information like compatible devices, library lending policies and a link to OverDrive Help with instructional videos and how-to articles.


To spread the word about your Help resources, you can distribute our new eBook Help card at checkout in your library or share via a community bulletin board or local business. Download the free handout now in the Learning Center > Resources.


Remember that even when the library branches may have to close, your digital library is always open!


Karen Jakubczak is an Account Specialist at OverDrive.


One Response to “24/7 eBooks: Your Digital Library is Never Closed”

  1. Constance Estades

    Thanks so much to OverDrive for their care and concern during a challenging moment in our library’s history. We are very thankful for our partnership with OverDrive that has enabled us to remain open 24/7! We notice that our OverDrive checkouts have increased dramatically since our temporary closing!!