We’re excited to announce that you can now add popular, award winning streaming video titles from MGM studios to your digital collection. These titles can be instantly played on virtually any device with an internet connection and web browser. MGM titles use the Cost Per Circ (CPC) format, which means that you can add the entire catalog to your collection, and pay only when a user borrows a title.

Titles available from MGM in OverDrive Marketplace include films such as Blame it on Rio (Michael Caine), The Care Bears Movie (Mickey Rooney), Eat Drink Man Woman (directed by Ang  Lee, Academy Award® nominated for best foreign language film), A Dry White Season (Susan Sarandon, Marlon Brando, Academy Award® nominated for Best Actor) and Casino Royale (1967 version), as well as popular literary adaptations such as Moby Dick (Gregory Peck, Orson Welles) and Of Mice and Men (John Malkovich).  Other MGM titles will be live soon, including Bowling for Columbine (Academy Award® for Best Documentary, directed by Michael Moore), Flyboys (James Franco), Purple Rose of Cairo (directed by Woody Allen, Academy Award® nominated for Best Screenplay) and Manhattan (directed by Woody Allen, Academy Award® nominated for Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress).

CPC titles allow you to set a monthly budget maximum and per-user circulation cap* to control how much you spend on checkouts from that plan each month. You can adjust the budget and policies for any of your CPC plans at any time. If you’d like to suppress the display of any of the titles in a plan at your public-facing site, you can visit the Weeding section of the Library site admin page.

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