Stay updated on OverDrive!

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Ever wonder about new digital features, how other OverDrive library partners are promoting their virtual branch, or what great new titles are being added to Content Reserve? Here are some excellent ways that you can stay updated on all of the new things going on around the OverDrive network. (In addition to this blog, of… Read more »

Register now: November’s open Community Outreach training

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Register now for OverDrive’s open Community Outreach training on Thursday, November 5th at 2:00 PM Eastern Time. You are invited to participate in this ongoing training program (first Thursday of every month at 2:00 PM ET) to learn innovative, easy, and cost-effective ways to promote your download service and maximize digital circulation. During the training, we will share dozens of examples, statistics, and… Read more »

OverDrive’s Commitment to Accessibility

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It has been a challenging year working to overcome many obstacles for the print and visually impaired community with regard to library downloads. With respect to the recent news regarding Adobe® Digital Editions and text to speech, the Adobe Blog has a post on the topic that we would encourage you to review. In spite… Read more »

Become a fan of OverDrive on Facebook

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We’ve just launched the OverDrive for Libraries Facebook page! If you have a Facebook profile, you can become a fan of OverDrive for Libraries and connect with us using the Internet’s most popular social networking website. We’ll update the Facebook page with service news, tradeshow information, training announcements, and other stuff that’s just as cool… Read more »

Finding your favorite audiobook narrators

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Guest blogger Cynthia Orr discusses finding that perfect narrator in her monthly blog post. If you’re an audiobook fan, you know that the quality of the narrator makes a huge difference in your experience of the book. A mispronounced word or name can jolt you right out of the story, while an authentic foreign accent… Read more »

Check Your Zip!

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You’ve probably heard the buzz about Sony’s recent announcements regarding new devices and their Library Finder, which helps promote eBooks from local libraries. What you may not know, is that OverDrive powers the Library Finder, using the same tools from our service. With the increased awareness about eBooks from libraries and the Sony Reader,… Read more »

Training Month kicks off today!

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OverDrive’s 3rd annual Training Month officially kicks off this morning! We’re thrilled at the registration to date, and there are still spaces available in many of our sessions. If you’re not already registered, what are you waiting for? It’s a great opportunity to learn more about your download service for free and online. You can… Read more »

Chattahoochee Valley Libraries promote Twilight Saga

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It’s hard to come by an OverDrive library today that doesn’t have one or more titles by Stephenie Meyer. Is the Twilight Saga still extremely popular on your ‘Virtual Branch’ website?  With the anticipated movie adaptation of New Moon set for release on November 20, all of Stephenie Meyer’s titles are expected to get a second wind. I… Read more »

Reading: Paper vs Screen vs Audio

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Cynthy Orr compares ways of reading in her first monthly blog post   Centuries ago it was strange and frightening to see someone read silently. People wondered what was happening to the person who was staring at a book but saying nothing. Were they possessed? Were they all right? This is because the norm until… Read more »