Chattahoochee Valley Libraries promote Twilight Saga

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It’s hard to come by an OverDrive library today that doesn’t have one or more titles by Stephenie Meyer. Is the Twilight Saga still extremely popular on your ‘Virtual Branch’ website?  With the anticipated movie adaptation of New Moon set for release on November 20, all of Stephenie Meyer’s titles are expected to get a second wind. I… Read more »

Reading: Paper vs Screen vs Audio

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Cynthy Orr compares ways of reading in her first monthly blog post   Centuries ago it was strange and frightening to see someone read silently. People wondered what was happening to the person who was staring at a book but saying nothing. Were they possessed? Were they all right? This is because the norm until… Read more »

People for a library-themed Ben & Jerry’s flavor!

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I love my library. And I love ice cream. Anything that can combine the two without resulting in sticky, chocolate-covered library book pages is a brilliant idea. That’s why I joined the “People for a library-themed Ben & Jerry’s flavor!” on Facebook. Really, who would turn down a pint of Gooey Decimal System? Not me…. Read more »

Welcome to the Digital Library Blog

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Once upon a time, a cabal of mad OverDrivers came together to create one all-powerful digital library blog… Okay, so we just started planning a few weeks ago, and technically, nothing’s secret on this blog. But that’s the point. We want OverDrive’s Digital Library Blog to be your first stop for the latest information on… Read more »