We recently revealed that we’re planning to provide all OverDrive audiobooks in MP3 format only, and sunset the distribution of WMA audiobooks. Our goal is always to give readers what they want—by providing the largest catalog, easiest user experience, and the most compatibility across all devices. By moving to MP3 only, all OverDrive audiobooks will be compatible with all the major audiobook playing devices, including iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Windows devices, Macs and more!

WMA format prevents all of our iOS, Mac and Android users from enjoying their library audiobooks. We aren’t okay with that—we want everyone to enjoy their library’s audiobooks, no matter what device they prefer. So we are taking steps to make that happen. Sunsetting WMA formats will enable access to all audiobooks on any device through OverDrive’s highest-rated, most used app for eBook and audiobook lending across all app stores.

MP3 audiobooks are still being borrowed, and users are prompted to delete when the lending period is over. Titles still expire in the OverDrive app at the end of the lending period.

As previously posted, we will soon be communicating the discontinuance of WMA sales, and then at a future date, we will announce when MP3 files will be the only supported format through OverDrive platforms. For libraries and schools that currently have WMA audiobook files in their collection, we will be working with the publishers of those titles to gain permissions to update your inventory to MP3. In the event that some titles are unavailable, an alternate solution will be offered to make up for the lost titles.

Please contact your Collection Development Specialist with any questions at collectionteam@overdrive.com.

2 Responses to “What MP3 means for your library, school, and users”

  1. Nancy Miller

    I’m having an awful time trying to download audiobooks to my I-Pod using Windows 8. Have tried everything – is there someone who can help me. I’ve been to my local library but they’re not familiar with Windows 8 and were very little help. Please help!!