Looking to add some new titles to your digital collection? Maybe a new title for your digital book club? Check out our Book & Author Read-Alikes! Handpicked by our staff Librarians, these lists can be very helpful in finding popular, high circulating content that your patrons are sure to enjoy. When you click the links below, they will show up as a Marketplace search result and you’ll be able to easily add them to a cart.

The Goldfinch Read-Alikes

Harry Potter Read-Alikes

Divergent Read-Alikes

Game of Thrones Read-Alikes

John Green Read-Alikes

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Read-Alikes

Gone Girl Read-Alikes

Gabriel Garcia Marquez Read-Alikes


As always, your Collection Development Specialist is available to help create any Read-Alikes or recommended lists. Email collectionteam@overdrive.com for more information today!

*Some titles are metered access and may have limited regional or platform availability. Check OverDrive Marketplace to find what is available for you.


Rachel Kray is a Collection Development Analyst at OverDrive.


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  1. Mary Green

    Will you have The Hunger Games series in ebook rather than just audio book?