Lindsay Wyatt, reference librarian at the Boise Public Library in Idaho, shares a year-long initiative for educating users on eBook downloads.

We at the Boise Public Library are celebrating eBooks all year long with our Year of the eBook outreach events. After taking the first few months of the year to train staff, purchase eReading devices, and download lots and lots of books, we are taking our show on the road. Our goal is to reach out to the thousands of potential customers who love the library but may not have time to visit our physical locations. Throughout the year, we will be partnering with retail establishments and local organizations to bring the news about eBooks to as many new customers as possible.

So far, we have scheduled events with our local Best Buy store, Barnes & Noble, and Borders, and are exploring partnerships with the Apple Store, the Boise Airport and businesses. We believe teaching others is a fantastic way to improve our skills, so we are encouraging folks from all areas of the library to participate in our outreach events. We are also providing additional interactive training options to increase comfort and familiarity with the technology. Our Kobo Zoo, for example, will allow staff the opportunity to practice downloading the Adobe Digital Editions software and checking out and transferring a book to our Kobo eReader.

Our adult services division has worked closely with our Community Relations Manager and the wonderful support team at OverDrive to create and purchase large-scale signs and display materials. We have posted these around the main library and at our branches; the rest will travel with us when we when we visit our community partners.

As we move forward with our Year of the eBook, we hope to increase our circulation of OverDrive materials and spread excitement about downloadable books throughout our entire community.

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