How Google and OverDrive are connecting readers to e-Books from your local library

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You may have noticed some exciting news reported recently by the likes of Slate, Engadget, The Verge, Library Journal and several other news publications regarding OverDrive and Google. For the first time, readers in the U.S. searching for a book on Google are discovering that their local library may offer the eBook to borrow. OverDrive is… Read more »

National Library Board of Singapore launches the first-ever Digital Business Library

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The National Library Board of Singapore (NLB) has long been a pioneer in digital library lending, offering a robust collection of 130,000+ titles while also taking a unique approach to marketing their service to new users. This trend has continued with the launch of the first-ever Digital Business Library, now available on their OverDrive-powered digital collection. For several years,… Read more »

Uncover The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett now that Big Library Read is live

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By: Adam Sockel, Marketing Communications Specialist Hawthorn was enjoying a standard, if mundane, teenage life when the disappearance of Lizzie Lovett turned her life upside down. At first, Hawthorn doesn’t get why everyone is so hung up on a former popular girl gone missing but as the story unfolds, she begins to intertwine her life with… Read more »

Getting the most out of your OverDrive reading history

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By: Adam Sockel, Marketing Communications Specialist Last week, we released an exciting update to our digital library websites that gives users access to their reading history. Often requested by libraries and patrons, the history allows users to track what they’ve read so they can make decisions about what to borrow next. For example, readers can see which… Read more »

10 YA book quotes to prepare for Teen Read Week

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By: Adam Sockel, Marketing Communications Specialist This year, the literary world will be celebrating Teen Read Week from October 8-14 and in preparation we’re sharing some of our favorite young adult book quotes. Throughout the school year, students will receive required reading assignments designed to engage them with literature both classic and modern. The books… Read more »

OverDrive lifehacks to personalize digital reading

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By: Bailey Hotujac, School Launch Specialist. Tips and tricks to make your life easier in a classroom or media center full of students with different needs, interests and reading levels. Curating from Recommended Lists So you want curate a list, but finding all those titles is just too time-consuming?  You can use our Recommended Lists… Read more »