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The Avengers, Ant Man, X-men, Disney princesses and more have assembled in OverDrive’s collections

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Summer is a great time to engage young readers with content they’re interested in. Keeping them reading during their time away from school is essential to preventing the dreaded summer slide. If there’s anything that young readers are interested in its superheroes and Disney characters. Thankfully we’ve got tons of both available for you to… Read more »

An interview with Diane Lang & Mike Buchanan, authors of The Fat Boy Chronicles

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As part of the OverDrive Summer Read program young readers at participating schools and libraries can read The Fat Boy Chronicles without waitlists or holds through July 9. Recently we spoke with the authors, Diane Lang and Mike Buchanan about their experiences writing this book. Where did the idea for the book come from? Diane: When Mike and I… Read more »

Sandra Dallas on her book Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky

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Ed. Note: What follows is an essay by author Sandra Dallas about her book Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky which is part of the OverDrive Summer Read program. Students at participating school and public libraries can borrow this title through July 9th without any waitlists or holds. Learn more about the program here.   As a… Read more »

Schools leveraging end-of-year surpluses to expand digital content

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The Beaufort County Public School District is at the forefront of a growing practice among schools to use surplus end-of-year funds to expand their digital content offerings.   Beaufort and other districts say this provides them the ability to offer students and educators fresh, in-demand titles when they return for the start of the new… Read more »

OverDrive updates: Dyslexic font options and improved waiting list displays

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This week OverDrive released new updates to our library websites that continue to provide users with a more fulfilling digital reading experience. A few months back we added a dyslexic font option to the OverDrive app. Due to the popularity of this feature it has now been added as an option on your OverDrive-powered digital library website… Read more »

OverDrive Listen is now live!

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We are excited to announce a new listening option for audiobooks, called OverDrive Listen, is now available for your audiobook collection! Similar to OverDrive Read for eBooks, OverDrive Listen offers the same ease of use; simply browse, borrow, and listen right in your browser with a single click. There are no downloads or software required; all you… Read more »