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How to Get Students Talking About Reading With Technology

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By: Jessica Sanders is the Director of Social Outreach for Whooo’s Reading, a San Diego-based education organization that motivates students to read more every day. It’s available to teachers, schools and districts. Jessica grew up reading books like The Giver and Holes, and is passionate about making reading as exciting for young kids today as… Read more »

Updates to OverDrive Read and Listen

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OverDrive Read and Listen are the easiest ways to enjoy content from your digital library website. Simply borow the title you want to enjoy and then starting reading (or listening) to them right in your browser. No downloads or apps necessary. Read (eBooks) and Listen (audiobooks) OverDrive Read and Listen recently had an update that… Read more »

OverDrive Read, now even better in and out of the classroom!

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By: Christina Samek, OverDrive Marketing Specialist OverDrive Read has always been the preferred option for our student users across the world. It’s easy to use, requires no additional sign-ins or software and opens conveniently in a web browser. It’s also the option utilized most by educators when offering our class and novel-sets. The fact that… Read more »

Librarian’s Share: Kristin School uses the Featured Title option to highlight individual titles

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By Alison Hewett of Kristin School and Beau Livengood of OverDrive. Alison Hewett at Kristin School (New Zealand) utilizes every method she can to make sure her students have the best OverDrive site possible. Discovery of titles is crucial for any collection, and one newer option she and her students are benefitting from is highlighting… Read more »

Celebrating Harry Potter Book Night!

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By Adam Sockel, OverDrive’s Social Media Specialist If you follow us on social media or have had the chance to visit our Blue Sky Campus offices you are very aware that Team OverDrive adores all things Harry Potter. Therefore, it goes without saying that of course we’re celebrating Harry Potter Book Night! This amazing event… Read more »