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OHDELA students become eBook explorers & boost digital circulation

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Recently, I attended an open house event for OHDELA (Ohio Distance and Electronic Learning Academy), along with a few colleagues. At the event, parents and students met their teachers, learned about a variety of academic resources offered by the school, and also participated in a “scavenger hunt” for OHDELA’s OverDrive digital library. Students that completed… Read more »

Librarian’s Share: Providing learning tools for the staff

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(Ed. Note: This post was written by Cathy Daane of the Madison Metropolitan School District and discusses how they trained their staff and provide them with easy access to answers about their OverDrive service.) When the Madison Metropolitan School District decided to start an OverDrive collection for all of their patrons, one of the concerns… Read more »

The moving story of The Children of Willesden Lane

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Last week Team OverDrive had the privilege of welcoming author and concert pianist Mona Golabek to our offices. Her book, The Children of Willesden Lane, tells the true story of how her mother, Lisa Yura, escaped Austria during World War II through the Kindertransport and how her music not only inspired the other children at Lisa’s orphanage but… Read more »

Happy Read Across America Day!

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Today is March 2nd and we’re delighted to say Happy Read Across America Day! We’re hoping you’ll celebrate and perhaps just let loose As we celebrate the birthday Of the great Dr. Seuss! As we’ve mentioned before we have Seuss eBooks of all kinds To add to your collection and help sharpen some minds! We hope… Read more »

An update on OverDrive and Kindle eBooks

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Earlier this week, we became aware that a number of eBooks added to our catalog this year were lacking the Kindle format.  This has now been resolved, and the Kindle format of the affected titles is now available in OverDrive’s Marketplace.  All U.S. libraries’ digital collections will be automatically refreshed with the Kindle format for… Read more »

Big Library Read is back!

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We’re excited to announce the return of the Big Library Read, our global digital book club where millions of people from around the world have the ability to read the same eBook at the same time. This time around, OverDrive users will be able to read Shakespeare Saved My Life: Ten Years in Solitary with… Read more »

Celebrate Presidents’ Day

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Presidents’ Day is a chance for all of us to learn a bit more about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and other American executives (and for some people, an occasion for a three-day weekend!). Don’t spend your Monday off doing nothing, head to OverDrive to check out some of these books on the presidency that have… Read more »

Collection Highlights: Sweet Sales

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Want an insider’s take on some of the biggest sales going on in OverDrive Marketplace this February and March? Click Start Prezi above for a quick look at four can’t-miss sales, complete with details, dates, and our own personal picks from each promotion. Get inspired by deals that celebrate Chinese New Year, romance, independent publishers,… Read more »