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Librarian’s share: Create a makerspace for your school

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By: Beau Livengood, Account Specialist. OverDrive Education spoke with School Librarian Jennifer Peterson of Menasha Joint School District in Wisconsin about maker spaces in libraries and media centers. She offers traditional crafting materials, along with eBook supplementation from OverDrive’s reading platform on Chromebooks. Students can find how-to books or inspiration for a project if they are stuck…. Read more »

Win over your Digital Doubters: 8 tips for administrators

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By: Tiffany Wincek, Schools Account Specialist. Pushing your school forward into the digital era can take a lot of time and effort, especially if you have people in your district who seem unwilling to change. Some administrators may be unsure how to approach Digital Doubters when integrating new technology. The following list can guide the process… Read more »


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By: Melissa Marin, OverDrive Marketing Specialist. We are less than one year away from Digipalooza 2017 and have officially opened registration! You may be wondering… What is Digipalooza? Digipalooza is OverDrive’s international user group conference. With a unique blend of education, networking and fun, this is a can’t-miss event for anyone that works with digital… Read more »

How to talk to your students about eBooks

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By: Christina Samek, OverDrive Marketing Specialist. Technology has become as essential as water. In the modern world, it’s a non-negotiable in how we manage our daily lives, an unseen force that is *everywhere*. As educators and administrators, you are acutely aware of technology’s benefits. It enhances how you teach, communicate, and shape your curriculum. It allows you to… Read more »

Why School Librarians are Important

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By: Sheila Henline, Collection Analyst. “Why do I need a school librarian? I have Google and the Public Library.” This pointed and myopic question is the typical line of thinking from those not familiar with the nuances of school libraries and the roles of School Librarians and Media Specialists. Public Libraries are an essential part… Read more »

25,000 Digital Titles on Sale for Back-to-School

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By: Annie Suhy, Collection Development Analyst. Second only to the confetti-and-champagne filled celebrations of the New Year, the first day of school is a day ripe with good intentions and fresh perspectives. As educators, you set resolutions for the new school year: inspire students to read more, organize the classroom, integrate technology, keep parents informed, find… Read more »

OverDrive Education K-12 Fall Tour

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By: Bailey Hotujac, OverDrive School Launch Specialist. OverDrive Education is hitting the road this fall with a sixteen-city tour across the U.S. and Canada! Come see what we’re doing to help students to get reading. Our experts will help you explore the possibilities of using digital content in your school—from classroom instruction to pleasure reading…. Read more »