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Top 5 reasons Hawaii launched a shared collection

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The Hawaii State Department of Education, a statewide district serving 256 public and 34 charter schools across eight islands, was looking for an eBook and audiobook solution that pooled funds to maximize purchasing power and provide expanded reading opportunities. An OverDrive shared collection enables two or more schools to access digital content via a single… Read more »

What to check out when you’ve checked out

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The end of the school year *should* be an exciting time. Change in routine. Freedom. Quiet, finally. But for many educators, exhaustion comes first. Here’s a quick list of things you can do when you just. can’t. even. And some for when you regain your motivational footing. Binge on brain candy Who have you meaning… Read more »

Sneak peeks from OverDrive Education at ISTE 2017!

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Successful digital learning demands both flexibility and customization. In the classroom, OverDrive Education’s reading platform supports differentiated instruction, English Language Learning, Hi-Lo literacy instruction and blended learning in nearly 13,000 schools and districts in 50 countries. At the technology acquisition level, schools are maximizing budget and resources with shared eBook and audiobook collections, our most… Read more »

Best of Class 2016-17: OverDrive partner school successes

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By: Christina Samek, Marketing Specialist. OverDrive Education’s team is lucky to work with K-12 partners across the world. Whether it’s answering your content inquiries, helping set up your digital website, providing marketing and outreach assistance, or just talking you through a new process, we enjoy all of our chances to interact with our partners. As… Read more »

Why We Need to Read More Fantasy

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By: Sasha Zborovsky, Marketing Intern. Fantasy is the ultimate escape. When the real world seems too sad or too complicated, we seek escape to other worlds. Fantasy brilliantly provides a reader with just enough magic and enchantment to not only flee reality, but also to understand it. Today, we often write off fantasy as a… Read more »

New monthly K-12 webcasts start June 19th!

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Join OverDrive for a series of live monthly webcasts specifically designed for you, our administrators, classroom teachers, media specialists, and school librarians. We’ll discuss the basics of shopping in Marketplace, the student user experience, and strategies for talking to your school community about your OverDrive service. Plan ahead for professional development and all-staff days, or register… Read more »

Aligning Digital Reading Resources to Curriculum Objectives

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Recently, Tech & Learning and OverDrive Education teamed up to create a white-paper about how districts are leveraging their investments in technology to use eBooks and other digital resources to improve students’ reading proficiency, frequency and achievement. Students benefit from an easy-to-use solution that offers 24/7 access so that learning can happen anytime and anywhere…. Read more »

From foisted to favorite: required reading we love

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By: Tiffany Wincek, Account Specialist. Summer required reading lists have begun arriving in Friday folders and email inboxes. Students will certainly sigh in exasperation, but parents might recognize old favorites on that list. Adults tend to recognize that many books on required reading lists are seminal to Western culture; there is a good reason they… Read more »