Father’s Day is coming, so don’t forget to send your dad a card! It’s also a good time to add a few funny dad-friendly titles to your digital collection. Here are some of my recommendations:


Dad is Fat” – Jim Gaffigan


Known for his stand-up comedy, Jim Gaffigan’s first book features stories that revolve around raising his five children. In a section called A Critical Analysis of Children’s Literature, he poses the question “Does the very hungry caterpillar have an eating disorder?” and shares his kids’ requests for him to “read with less boring.” Having listened to the audiobook, I can testify that Gaffigan has mastered the art of reading with “less boring”. A funny listen, even for non-parents to enjoy.


“Papadaddy’s Book for New Fathers: Advice to Dads of All Ages” – Clyde Edgerton


Recommended reading for those looking for light-hearted advice about preparing for a baby and being a new dad. “Papadaddy’s Book for New Fathers” even offers a section at the end to help you get ready for What Could Happen Down the Line and Why, including the possibility of your baby growing up to join a motorcycle gang. Be prepared.


When Parents Text” – Sophia Fraioli & Lauren Kaelin


This eBook, which shares the misadventures of parents (and grandparents) jumping into the world of text messaging, began as a website with thousands of submissions. The book helps narrow it down and presents some of the most popular texts, covering a wide range of topics from food to pop culture. Just one example:



Sounds like a teaching moment for this dad. Maybe introduce him to The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook?


Dads Are the Original Hipsters” – Brad Getty


Another eBook that started as a popular Tumblr, “Dads Are the Original Hipsters” features a collection of vintage photographs submitted by blog readers and points out the cyclical nature of fashion. You like wearing boat shoes and ‘ironic’ mustaches? This eBook provides photographic evidence of many dads ‘back in the day’ who wore it first, non-ironically.


The Baby Owner’s Manual” – Louis Borgenicht M.D. & Joe Borgenicht


You know the expression, “Kids don’t come with an instruction manual”? Well, this eBook proves otherwise! Here you’ll find a baby diagram and parts list, how to ‘select and install’ a pacifier, tips for troubleshooting the baby’s audio cues, and much more. Structured like an electronics instruction manual with descriptions that will make you laugh, this title does contain a lot of very important and factual information. A great read for expectant and new fathers alike.


Find these titles and more in the Content Reserve Marketplace. Happy Father’s Day!


Note: Title availability may vary by geographic region. Some of the eBooks and websites linked above use adult language. Please be aware before sharing or recommending to younger readers.


Melissa Marin is a Marketing Specialist at OverDrive. 


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