Traffic Reports

Last month, I began a series of entries dedicated to real-time reports in Content Reserve. Not only can these reports help you track circulation, but they can also help monitor your promotional efforts. If you’ve ever wondered how your patrons are accessing your download library, or if your latest website marketing campaign really took off, look no further than the ‘Traffic Report’.

The ‘Traffic Report’ generates statistics on website traffic to your download library. This report includes a summary of ‘Page Requests’, ‘Patron Sessions’, and ‘Patron Referrals’. Let me break that down for you:

Page Requests: The number of pages viewed on your download website.
Patron Sessions: The number of patron sessions on your download website. For example, if a patron visits 10 pages while on your website, their visit is only counted as one patron session.
Patron Referrals: A list of the top URLs that direct patrons to your download website. On this list, you’ll likely find your library’s homepage or catalog URL, a search engine like Google or Yahoo, or perhaps a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter.

Marketing Tip: Add a graphic or text link or feature banner to your library’s website homepage to drive patron traffic to your download website. Then track your results under ‘Patron Referral Breakdown’. For web graphics and more, visit our online marketing kit:

Important notes about the ‘Traffic Report’:

1) This report can only be ran for full months of data.
2) The number of months that are available to view is subject to change, and will be noted in Content Reserve.
3) A previous month’s data will typically be available within one week into the new month.

To view the ‘Traffic Report’ and other reports in Content Reserve, contact the Library Coordinator for your OverDrive download service to request a login ID and password. If you have general questions regarding reports, please comment below or email Don’t forget that we offer free, online training for all aspects of your download service, including Reports, so let us know if you’re interested.

Stay tuned next month for an overview of the ‘New Patron Registration Report’!

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