You may have seen our most downloaded books from the library list, which is distributed at the beginning of every month. The list of audiobook and eBook titles is based on the circulation statistics from all OverDrive library partners. The list for November will be released on December 1st.

Each month, your library’s Partner Services Associate distributes a press release template for you to utilize. Many of our partners have sent the template to local media contacts, where it is often picked up for various news articles. You can also change the wording and turn the template into a newsletter article for print or email.

Looking to generate this report on your own? Login to your Content Reserve account, then go to the ‘Reports’ tab. Click the ‘Title Statistics’ report and select ‘Checkouts by Title’ first. Then run the report again choosing the chart ‘Waitlist by Title’ and combine the data for your most wanted titles.  (Screenshot provided below)

Most Downloaded reports

If you aren’t receiving the press release template but would like to, or are interested in learning more about the reporting tools found in Content Reserve, contact your Partner Services Associate or email

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