A new training has been made available on the OverDrive Learning Center specifically for our school partners.  This training, called Education Evolution, can be found under the ‘View Now’ tab at the Learning Center.  This short recording will offer ways for teachers and staff to use your OverDrive-powered digital collection in the classroom to supplement your curriculum, as well as cost-effective ways to make your students aware of your online library.

This training will help you implement your digital titles into your lesson plans through the use of interactive white boards, reading circles and much more.  You’ll also discover great outreach ideas, such as providing a simple demonstration table during lunch hours or hosting an end-of-the-day assembly to show off your digital library.  If you’ve ever wanted a Community Outreach training tailored specifically for schools, then this is the training for you!

If you’d like further marketing and outreach ideas for your schools, please contact me directly at asockel@overdrive.com.

Adam Sockel is a marketing and outreach associate at OverDrive.

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