It’s clear … our world is going mobile. Over this past year, the number of users installing OverDrive’s mobile app to enjoy titles on the go has increased dramatically. Downloads of the app in 2010 came in at just under a half a million, and so far this year we are upwards of 1.2 million downloads!

To help your staff and users get started with OverDrive’s mobile app, we’re creating a series of ‘Going Mobile’ videos. These short how-to videos will be incorporated into OverDrive’s new help system, which is scheduled for beta release later this year.

In celebration of Training Month 2011, we’re offering OverDrive partners a sneak peek at Going Mobile with OverDrive.  A sample series is available for iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod touch).  For the full release we’ll add Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.

As one of our favorite rockstar partners, please enjoy your VIP pass for a look behind the scenes.  But we ask that you don’t link to this page for public use. This is simply a teaser for videos we have in development, and we could move or change this URL at any time.

There’s also an option to share your comments, so please let us know what you think!

Cassie Renner is a training specialist at OverDrive.

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